Does not work, does not exist: No title of a key note speech has ever matched so much to its protagonist as this one.

This key note is about Johannes „Johnny“ Grasser. He should not be able to walk because he has a severe physical disability as a result of his premature birth.

But Johnny is able to walk.

He is fighting for it every day. He trains for 3 to 4 hours every day to be able to move his body. He fights against incredible bureaucratic hurdles. He fights for his ideas. And he is fighting for others to recognize him as he is.

That is why this key note speech is called Does not work, does not exist.

In the speech, Martin Schmiedel, founder and partner at Erfolgstreiber, takes you on a time travel with Johannes Grasser through his different stages of life.

From childhood days to school, from studying at the German Sport University in Cologne to his entrepreneurial activity, Johannes tells of the barriers and obstacles he has mastered in his life. In doing so, it becomes clear to the audience what energy performance and positive life attitude are necessary for Johannes’s achievements.

At the end you will leave with the conviction for your own life: A Does not work will no longer exist with me.

Listen to an interview Johnny gave Martin in April 2019.

Listen to interview

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Johannes Grasser’s story has already gained media attention several times. Make yourself a picture:

Johnny Grasser is one of the most inspirational personalities I know. His absolute clarity and attitude, to not give up even with the biggest obstacles, impress me deeply. At the same time, I realize that many people are already upset about little things, get discouraged or make themselves comfortable in their comfort zone.

The story of Johnny is meant to encourage those who have not yet dared to come out of their cave.

For those who have been out there and gave up, they may receive an impetus to try it again. Those who think everything is lost from the outset anyway and who like to complain, may receive impulses to change something.

However, if they are not ready, I do not want to hear any complaints or lamentations, as long as they are not similar or worse than what Johnny went through and experienced in his young 30 years.

It’s hard to compare Johnny’s fate and life with that of a non-impaired person.

Nevertheless, in this lecture we dare this attempt. Why? So that the audience can see what conclusions a healthy person could draw from the story of Johnny. That’s why Martin Schmiedel will share anecdotes from his own life in retracted sections, reporting on his experiences, successes and failures as a leader and entrepreneur.

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